start discussion about numerology.. for read about numerology check our website...numerology and for hindi numerology
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Hello mate,

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Thank you!
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My date of birth - 16/09/1962 Jamshedpur
BD - 16/7
LP -  25/7
EXP - 14/5
SU - 12/3

In March I am suffering with Spinal disorder which affected my Right leg.

Please suggest some remedy
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waht is mulank and bhagyank in numerology ?
prateek by prateek @
what is mulank 2 ? which planet relates it
prateek by prateek @
what is rudraksh ? iski pehchan kaise kare.. how to identify original rudraksh ?
admin by admin @
lets discus what is mulank 1 in numerology and whats the imapct...
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