discuss about astrology. kundli, lal kitab, western astrology, vedic
ashwin by ashwin @
what is good and bad yogas in amitabh bachchan birth chart.
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log tilak kyun lagate hai. तिलक का महत्व ?
somya by somya @
The author has deleted this message.
rajesh by rajesh @
lal kitab me santan yog kaise dekhte hai.. please suggest me how to predict children's  from lal kitab astrology
satish by satish @
my DOB is 08 july 1962 at 16;40 hrs meerutt UP . i want to know that when i own my home and what about my work (job)                                                                                                                                my son's detail ----   dob 03rd july 1992 at 17;15 hrs ,delhi . tell about his study and job                                                                    
ragini by ragini @
astrologically in which house moon is favorable. i have moon in 7th house
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