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Posted by Nits Nits
dear astro jee

can u provide me prediction on my health issue .
I have been having stomach issues since oct 2015 ,I have got done all test possible blood, urine , ultrasound ,CT scan even . all reports have come normal .  i have gone to atleast 4,5 docs of big hospitals  . Can you tell if there is some serious issue that has not been detected yet . Iam very tensed & so much money has gone into these tests n fees .

Query - Any serious situation or surgery can happen in coming 1 yr or so .?

my details -  7/feb/1978
                     new delhi

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Re: Health

i think no serious issue......just change your bad sitting, head should be in south or west while sleeping..and go to shiv mandir daily, and trying to have breakfast in kitchen, remove all clutter, old coins and watches.